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As a well-established soccer academy we are always seeking outstanding coaches for DC, MD and VA area, to work with children ages 2-10.

Our Expectations:

* Coach must RESPONSIBLE --arrives on time to each session, able to manage a group of young children, checks attendance at each session and communicates with directors and the office in case of any discrepancies

*All coaching staff should have experience coaching young children

*Applicants must be have a soccer background at the High School level or higher

* Consistently wear company attire to sustain neat appearance

* Friendly and courteous with parents and school directors

* You must be animated and enjoy young kids

* You must make your sessions the best 45 minutes of their week

* Coaches will be required to drive to programs and should have access to their own motor vehicle to and from coaching locations at all time

· You will be required to attend training sessions to learn the curriculum before you starting work

· *Coaches are required to have their own basic equipment

In addition to the above, a successful candidate must pass a background check

If you are interested in a coaching position, send us your resume at - info@kpsoccer.com

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