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Daily Activities

Daily activities include individual instruction on fundamentals and technique, as well as lots of team play. Campers are taught how to react quickly to various game-like situations, and then shown how to make the most intelligent plays in those situations. Each full day there are at least two scrimmages/games with constant the best of the best Coaching and instruction, drill work and skill contests filling the gaps between games. Our professional coaching staff follows a detailed schedule that has players constantly playing and learning.

Sample daily schedule:


  • Morning meeting and lesson of the day
  • Skill of the day — lessons and drills
  • Competitive and creative fun games
  • Pattern play
  • “World Cup” games and live scrimmage
  • Sportsmanship
  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind & Body
  • The Art of Hustle
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Importance of Gratitude Toward Others
  • Good Student = Good Athlete
  • Being A Team Player: At Home, At School, In Athletics



  • Meeting and skill demo
  • Skill drills in stations
  • Skills competitions
  • “World Cup” games and live scrimmage
  • Wrap-up meeting


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