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Goals & Philosophy

At Kids Pro Soccer Camp, we challenge campers to maximize their athletic potential while encouraging them to go above and beyond their “comfort” level and open their minds to learning new techniques and exercising new drills. As players mature, we want them to become “students of the game” while developing their character and self-confidence.

Our Staff emphasizes individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, team play, and overall fitness and well-being in a positive teaching and learning environment. Our approach to coaching and instruction focuses primarily on teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, self-confidence and improvement.

Every camper has the opportunity to meet new friends in a positive environment where success is measured by effort and teamwork and not by winning and losing. While we strive to challenge each and every person, we want to preserve the enjoyment of attending camp during the summer. Our goals are to teach and instruct, but also and more importantly, to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere at camp. If each camper enjoys his experience enough to want to participate again either next season, summer, or school year, then we have succeeded with our mission.

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