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Register for FALL 2017 in our NEW website!

Kids Pro Soccer offers non-stop learning and playing with current and ex-professional soccer players as your Coaches! With our “play smart, have fun” approach.

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Better players for FALL? Gear up for Summer Camps!

Would you like a free season of classes? If you are interested in having your own class, or if you would like to offer a FREE try-out clinic for your school, please let us know. Parent-coordinator, receives the benefit of playing free!

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Inspired by Kids Pro Soccer

Kids Pro Soccer believes in inclusive program for all children with different abilities. "Inspired" Soccer for Special Needs programs for children where soccer and KPS Staff become a very inspiring tool for families with special needs children.

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INTRODUCE Kids Pro Soccer program to your School or Daycare!

Soccer’s popularity has exploded over the last few years. Being a part of soccer has become a symbol of early childhood fit lifestyles and by offering Kids Pro Soccer classes at your school, it will become more attractive to potential families.

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FALL 2017! Registration starts August 7th!

Registration for FALL 2017 Open onAugust 7th!

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Kids Pro Soccer Camp Overview

Designed for players of all abilities, our groups and teams are separated by age groups. Kids Pro Soccer camp emphasizes both team play and individual skill development. Training focuses on developing the full range of soccer techniques including...

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Summer Camps

Summer soccer training prepares players to have a successful fall season. By training over the summer, players can improve physical endurance and can work on ball-handling skills. In addition, getting involved in any type of scrimmaging is a way to...

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FUN SOCCER BIRTHDAY PARTIES at any time of the year!

The perfect, unforgettable experience for your child where games keep the children of all ages active and interested. So easy and inexpensive!

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