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Kids love to play and spend time with the friends they know well. Their classmates are often their  "best buddies". 

What can be better than being on the team with your best friend? At that age, it is trully priceless...It is more than a play date every time soccer practice is on! 

Kids Pro Soccer classes are held at daycares, preschools, public and private schools, churches and mother's day out facilities.Classes are offered both during day and as an after school program. Classes can be performed both inside and out. Some of the common spaces used for classes include medium to large classrooms, lunchrooms, gymnasiums and outdoor playgrounds or parks.



• One of the great benefits to Kids Pro Soccer program is that we come to your school.

• Children of your staff members play FREE

• Soccer’s popularity has exploded over the last few years. Being a part of soccer has become a symbol of early childhood fit lifestyles.

By offering Kids Pro Soccer classes at your school, you have guaranteed that every child will want to participate unlike many other disciplines such as dance or martial arts.

Your school or daycare therefore will be seen as proactive against childhood obesity and therefore it will become more attractive to potential families.

• Kids Pro Soccer offers percentage rebate back to the school. Many schools use this extra money for supplies and/or supplies to place in teacher resource room. Kids Pro Soccer is responsible for all the work and sees itself as a complement to the school.

Kids Pro Soccer classes involve dynamic play children absolutely love every minute of it. A happy child who has satisfied their inherent genetic need to move is better able to focus, concentrate on and maximize benefits from learning in academic areas.


• Kids Pro Soccer works with many prestigious schools and daycare centers in DC, MD and VA

Kids Pro Soccer allows daycares, preschools and after school programs the opportunity to offer an enrichment program that parents and school directors love.

• Kids Pro Soccer gives children something to look forward to each week and is great way for parents to enroll their child in an extra-curricular activity without an additional time investment.

• We view ourselves as partners with the schools we serve, and we will run our program in a way that seamlessly fits into the school’s schedule.

Balance, control, and coordination are the three key developmental elements children need. Soccer is the best vehicle for achieving significant improvement in these three areas.This skill is not something that is easy and takes a supreme amount of eye-foot coordination.

• Your child plays FREE if a group of 10+ is created

• If you’d like Kids Pro Soccer to run a season at your school, please contact us for more information

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