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    • TOTS PROGRAM 2-3

      Kids Pro Soccer TOTS 2-3 program is specially designed for that age group, and introduces structure, rules, and discipline of soccer through fun games and interaction with constantly changing activities that keep them focused.

    • TOTS PROGRAM 4-6

      Older tots gain a sense of teamwork and cooperation.Kids Pro Soccer understands that an effective soccer practice includes a variety of soccer drills and activities.

    • YOUTH PROGRAM 7-12

      Youth Kids Pro Soccer players focus on perfecting their individual skills so they perform them correctly in game situations such as improving balance, coordination and decision making.

    • PARENT & CHILD 12-23

      With every new skill learned at Kids Pro Soccer, kids gain the confidence to embrace a lifetime of possibilities. What you get it’s… priceless bonding time…


      Trying soccer for the first time, or mastering your skills? Kids Pro Soccer Summer Camps are a great opportunity with a focus on footwork, balance, and explosive drills.


      Designed for anyone, regardless of age, and skills level. Kids Pro Soccer will first evaluate and then develop player's soccer abilities necessary in the game of soccer.


      KPS classes are held at daycares, preschools, public and private schools, parks, churches and mother's day out facilities. As a parent or director you can add KPS to your program!


      What can be better than playing with Kids Pro Soccer? Playing with your friends at your own time/day and location! It is more than a play date every time soccer practice is on!


      Indoor soccer training typically lto focus on the fundamental skills of the game. First touch, passing  soccer players move the ball quickly and accurately to avoid losing possession.


      Fun for everyone at a Kids Pro Soccer Birthday Party! Unforgettable experience for your child where fun, games keep kids of all ages active and engaged. So easy and inexpensive!

    • Kids Pro Soccer is the best

      "Investing in Kids" by Kids Pro Soccer became the best soccer curriculum since 1998. Kids Pro Soccer has been investing in young children only, and has established a growing trend offering the best of athleticism to a full and healthy childhood. 

    • Choosing Soccer over other sports

      For many reasons such as low risk of injury or effectiveness in fitness, soccer is becoming the better and safer option for kids in the US.

Kids Pro Soccer

Soccer with Kids Pro Soccer

Soccer with Kids Pro Soccer is a wonderful, fundamental Tots, Youth, and Parent/Child program introducing kids in DC, MD and VA to take part in and learn to work with their friends and peers to achieve goals together giving them a lifetime experience within and beyond soccer field.

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Soccer is good for the kids

Why soccer is good for yor kids?

Soccer is a simple game that kids of any age and either gender can play. Physical stature is unimportant, making the game suitable for children of all shapes and sizes. As a result, soccer is a very inclusive sport, and it provides numerous physical and social benefits.

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Kids Pro Soccer - Investing in Kids

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