For 2-6 year olds-45 minutes for 7 and up, 60 minutes.

There are two raining day make-up classes that will be added at the end of the season if cancellation(s) occurs. This does not apply to weekly Summer camps- no make-ups.

Depends on a kind of program you have registered your child for and may change seasonably.

We offer 8-week sessions in Spring and Fall season, 6- week sessions in Summer and Winter, and full-day, and half-day weekly Summer camps.

Fall season starts on the second week of September, Winter on the second week of November, Spring on the second week of March, and Summer on the second week of June. Please check for the exact starting dates in our seasonal schedules.

We'll issue a refund if a request is submitted via email at least two weeks before the starting date as indicated in the schedule. There's a $45 application fee that will be deducted from the refund amount that will be credited back to you.

There are no refunds after the starting date.

A soccer ball, shin guards, a water bottle.

Size 3 is the best for 2-6 year olds, 7-14 year olds may use size 4.

There are no try- outs for any of our programs.

We do not collect payments on the field. All payments and registrations should be submitted either to Kids Pro Soccer, or your manager, at least two weeks before the starting date .If you are late registering, please contact your manager, or KPS.

All participants need to be properly registered, and submit their payment, in order to be allowed on the filed.

All parents will be notified about cancellation by the coordinator of the group, or if the group is managed by Kids Pro Soccer-by the KPS office, via email.

We will notify you via email, and enclose the returned check scan. You will need to provide us with another check made for the amount of the class plus the bank fees-$35, or according to the current bank charges.

There are no discounts, unless you are joining after the fourth class- please contact KPS.

You need at least 12 participants to organize your own class.

The number of players is unlimited. In case of bigger number than 17, KPS will provide a second coach.

Please contact Kids Pro Soccer for further information.

Participants should be at least 2 years old to register for a Tot class, must be a "walker" to register for a parent & child class.

You can still receive it if supplies last. Applies in selected seasons as advertised for that season.

No. T-shirts are complimentary and not included in the class fee. Applies in selected seasons as advertised for that season.


Kids Pro Soccer is held at daycares, schools, parks and indoor facilities all over your area. Our park programs are open to the general public, but our daycare, school, and parent-coordinated programs are only open to those enrolled at the location.

Simply click on the "Season Schedule" on your local page and you will see a list of all our area locations. You'll notice a listing of all our park locations with addresses. We strive to pick convenient and central locations.

Yes! We are always willing to launch a park program near you. The easiest way for this to happen is for you to form a group of 10 kids willing to take part in a Kids Pro Soccer season. These could be kids from your neighborhood, friends from church or synagogue, or your parent groups. We're happy to help talk through ideas on how to make this happen. Please contact us for more information.

Kids Pro Soccer has been running clinics specifically designed for the youngest players for over 15 years. Our curriculum has been specifically developed with this age group in mind. While our ultimate goal is to develop a love of soccer and fitness for your child, we are firm believers that each child is capable of learning something new each session while having a blast in the process.

Kids Pro Soccer sessions are filled with lots of energy, skill development, and fun! Younger players will truly enjoy soccer and get to know soccer through fun games and non-competitive setting while youth players will focus on more advanced skills. In the early learning of any sport, or activity, it is vital that learning is associated with pleasant, fun and sociable experience that will serve a base for future endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity for your child to experience soccer fun and learn the skills needed to become a better athlete! Programs focus on a variety of training techniques that are used to enhance quickness, improve balance and agility, develop speed, and build confidence.

Kids Pro Soccer offers two make up classes for missed sessions during the course of a season due to weather. We will either add an additional week to the season or choose a make-up day. In case a make-up class is cancelled, there will be no make-up for it.

Kids Pro Soccer, your school, or the class manager will send an email to the email address that you provided in your registration form.


(202) 438-8555