Kid's Pro Soccer Is The Best

"Investing in Kids"

by Kids Pro Soccer

became the best soccer curriculum in the DC area. Since 1998, Kids Pro Soccer has been investing in young children only, and has established a growing trend offering the best of athleticism to a full and healthy childhood.

Our curricukum "speaks" to the children by creating not only skilfull young athletes but also amazing, self confident individuals ready for any academic, athletic and any life endeavors.

Social Skills

Acquisition Soccer is the only sport in which a child has to move a ball with their feet while simultaneously maintaining balance and changing direction. This guarantees every child greater fine and gross motor skill acquisition than alternative sports.

One of the best things about Kids Pro Soccer's teaching soccer to children is that it involves many of the skills children need to succeed in their future development.

In Kids Pro Soccer kids need to learn how to communicate with one another respectfully and responsively as they have to work together. They have to learn to share; they have to come together as a conglomerate to meet a common goal and help each other achieve the best in its pursuit.

Eye-foot coordination, as a skill, increases peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is necessary in all sports thus working to develop this essential ability is beneficial to everyone. Soccer fits this bill perfectly as eye-foot coordination will make larger improvements in the area of peripheral vision.

foot dexterity

Soccer also has a unique ability to improve foot dexterity, as most traditional sports do not. The increase in foot dexterity will help children move along in time to their preferred sport. Additionally, all kids as young as two have the ability to kick and ball and find it particularly enjoyable.

All of these attributes encourage childhood development and allow kids to make friends across cultural boundaries and neighborhood fences.

For particularly shy children who were not able to translate school into a social circle Kids Pro Soccer provides an instant set of companions, and a way to experiment with interaction in a safe and healthy environment.

As you look at options for enrichment programs to be offered to kids, a soccer-based program undoubtedly is one that should be offered alongside the other enrichment programs. Kids pro soccer is the bestf program for your child.

Build Self-Confidence

Kids Pro Soccer is the prep stage for future endeavors in soccer. Our curriculum develops creative skill and the concept of developing individual skills necessary to succeed.

Kids Pro Soccer classes involve dynamic play children absolutely love every minute of it.A happy child who has satisfied their inherent genetic need to move is better able to focus, concentrate on and maximize benefits from learning in academic areas.

It's FUN!

Living more healthfully and learning to make friends are good goals to have for anybody entering a sport, but the other key to soccer is that its fun. Kids Pro Soccer offers a sense of self-esteem and well being children can develop as they see their accomplishments grow. Soccer involves both mental challenge and physical movement in a way that a videogame could never offer. Instead of sitting inside learning about enjoyment through violent games, expensive toys or isolating television, soccer allows kids to be outside developing healthy body, healthy mind and healthy esteem.

We have spent a lot of time in our society creating technological advances so that we could work less and enjoy more. Unfortunately the reverse seems to have happened. The more technologically based we have become the more sedentary, unhealthy and distant from one another we have grown. Teaching children to play soccer and be part of the team may be one of the best antidotes for the 21st century.


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