Kids Pro Soccer PARENT & CHILD 12-23 months program is offering soccer activities, undivided attention, and sharing fun experiences with your toddler.

Kids Pro Soccer Child & Parent program has a deeper intention than just introducing to soccer, but enables an opportunity that allows them to thrive physically, emotionally and socially.

With every new skill learned at the Kids Pro Soccer Program, kids gain the confidence to embrace a lifetime of possibilities. What you and your child gain is… priceless bonding time…


Introduce your little one and yourself to the world’s most popular game, and create memories for life!

As you and your child participate in Kids Pro Soccer's fun, age appropriate soccer activities and games, your child will be developing his/her gross motor and socialization skills.

Various activities designed around the game of soccer will be played each week with consitency and routine that tots love. Kids Pro Soccer fun happens on the field once a week for 45 minutes, and parents get to exercise too!

Readiness to explore this exciting enrichment for you and your child

Please note that your child needs to be at the stage of mastering his walking skills, to participate in the Kids Pro Soccer’s Parent & Child program. Moms/Dads participation is required.

Some children may be ready to venture an independent participation and exploration, and Kids Pro Soccer's Parent & Child sessions are designed to support that as well. Our coaches are then ready to introduce chidren to the next level, Kids Pro Soccer Tots 2-3.

Early Childhood Development & Gift of Lifelong Fitness

Balance, control, and coordination are the three key developmental elements children need. Soccer is the best vehicle for achieving significant improvement in these three areas. Soccer demands that kids develop the ability to move both their body and a ball with their feet. This skill is not something that is easy and takes a supreme amount of eye-foot coordination.Eye-foot coordination, as a skill, increases peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is necessary in all sports thus working to develop this essential ability is beneficial to everyone.

Build Self-Confidence

Kids Pro Soccer is the prep stage for future endeavors in soccer. Our curriculum develops creative skill and the concept of developing individual skills necessary to succeed.


Soccer is the only sport in which a child has to move a ball with their feet while simultaneously maintaining balance and changing direction.


Kids Pro Soccer classes involve dynamic play children absolutely love every minute of it. A happy child who has satisfied their inherent genetic need to move is better able to focus, concentrate on and maximize benefits from learning in academic areas.


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