FUN SOCCER BIRTHDAY PARTIES at any time of the year!

Fun for Everyone at a Kids Pro Soccer BIRTHDAY PARTY the perfect, unforgettable experience for your child where games keep the children of all ages active and interested, and so easy and inexpensive!

Soccer provides cardio exercise and improves balance, coordination and decision making. You can center your practice around games, skills or scrimmages depending on your teaching goals and on your players' energy levels.

Soccer birthday party games can be quite different from the actual game played on the field, with the emphasis shifted from winning the game to simply playing for fun. Kids Pro Soccer games incorporate the soccer theme in a silly or unusual manner for the enjoyment of all participants.

Our cost is $175/h up to 15 players, $275 for 16-25 players, $350 for 26-30 players

Kids Pro Soccer have the best of the best, experienced coaches do birthday parties, so the time we are providing is full of fun soccer games and excitement. We also provide our own soccer balls, cones, and training vests.

The party will be suitable for all ages. The games are structured the way that the little once and older kids can play together if you are planning to include younger siblings. Additional coaches will be assigned based on the number of players.

The trainer will have cones and they will set it up. There is a lot of variety; every 10-15 minutes, there will be a different activity. Our staff is very creative, and after they asses the abilities of the group, they will introduce fun games based on that.

As for potential weather cancellations--It is always a good idea to offer a make-up date to your guests, e.g. if you are planning on 09/17, offer a make-up date as for 09/24 at 12:30pm, or at any other date that works for you. Then, if it rains, you'll need to cancel the party and invite for the make-up date.

It is important to reserve the day and time for you party in advance.

Once we agree on the date/time, you should go online at and register your party. Please check Birthday Party option, and put a note in comments box what date it will be held on.

Please remember that your dates are not reserved until you register/make payment online.

Spring Tots DC 2-3, 4-6

Head Coach

Emile B. Mbouh

Head Coach, Emile B. Mbouh , former professional soccer player in Europe, Asia . and Africa . His achievements as a soccer player are well known all over the world e.g. quarter finalist in the World Cup "Italia 9O", and first round in the World CUP "USA 94”, as the captain of the Cameroonian national team -113 times.

He is currently a member of the Bethesda Soccer Club, and the coach of the famous Bethesda Legion Team.


(202) 438-8555