Kids Pro Soccer Camp Overview

Designed for players of all abilities, our groups and teams are separated by age groups. Kids Pro Soccer camp emphasizes both team play and individual skill development.

Training focuses on developing the full range of soccer techniques including: dribbling and passing with different surfaces of the foot, receiving the ball on the ground and from the air, shooting, heading, and awareness.Camps offer positional drills simulating games, and at least two scrimmages and games for full day campers with drill work and practice filling the gaps between games. Players are encouraged to try different positions throughout the week.

Fridays are World Cup Fridays with plenty of tournament play, skill contests, and fun! Campers are encouraged to dress in their favorite World Cup Soccer team uniform for World Cup Friday. Campers are exposed to a wide variety of skills in a fun and positive environment to learn soccer.

Age: 4–15, groups separated by age, grade & ability

  • Gender: Boys and girls

  • Hours: Full day 9:00–5:00
 Optional extended day

  • Locations: Palisades Recreational Center & St. John College High School, Washington DC

What to Bring to Camp

  • Hat (to protect face from the sun)

  • Sunscreen

  • Soccer ball

  • Shin guards

  • Athletic shoes or cleats (if cleats, bring sneakers as well for indoor activities)


  • Snack (full day enrollment)

  • Water bottle (we provide plenty of water at all times)

  • Money for Gatorades (optional: $2 per Gatorade)

Example of Daily Activities:


  • Morning meeting and lesson of the day

  • Skill of the day — lessons and drills

  • Competitive and creative fun games

  • Pattern play

  • “World Cup” games and live scrimmage


  • Meeting and skill demo

  • Skill drills in stations

  • Skills competitions

  • “World Cup” games and live scrimmage

  • Wrap-up meeting


  • Sportsmanship

  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind & Body

  • The Art of Hustle

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Importance of Gratitude Toward Others

  • Good Student = Good Athlete

  • Being A Team Player: At Home, At School, In Athletics

Spring Tots DC 2-3, 4-6

Head Coach

Emile B. Mbouh

Head Coach, Emile B. Mbouh , former professional soccer player in Europe, Asia . and Africa . His achievements as a soccer player are well known all over the world e.g. quarter finalist in the World Cup "Italia 9O", and first round in the World CUP "USA 94”, as the captain of the Cameroonian national team -113 times.

He is currently a member of the Bethesda Soccer Club, and the coach of the famous Bethesda Legion Team.


(202) 438-8555