"Awesome Experience"

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In Kids Pro Soccer, we believe that playing with us should be the most awesome experience you and your child can have. Kids Pro Soccer takes great pride in offering one of the best, or as some say, the best soccer program in the DC Metro area for over fifteen years.


Kids Pro Soccer was amazing! Coach Marcel had our son and 10 of his 5 yr old friends running drills, scrimmaging and having an incredible time. Parents relaxed on our patio as their kids played. Later everyone cooled off with some sprinklers. A truly special event!!

Quincy, 6/9/2015

Dear all,

before Konrad's last soccer class starts (Tuesdays, Falls Road Park, 4pm), I would like to take the opportunity and say thank you. Weather wise it was a very strange season, therefore we appreciate a lot, that you offered a third make-up class too.

We are preparing for an overseas move now at the end of this month. Therefore Konrad cannot for another class. But you should know, that he loved his soccer class.

With Joseph he had a wonderful coach whom he liked a lot. Konrad probably was the youngest player and couldn't always follow all of the moves, but Joseph always had a special eye on him and took great care of him. It is also because of Joseph and his way of teaching and motivating the kids, that Konrad now truly is a soccer fan.

So thanks a lot and all the best,
Meike, 3/12/14


Thank you for a great first practice for our girls, Amelia and Isabella. We look forward to them learning new soccer skills, having fun, making new friends, and getting a chance to build social skills. We will return the following Saturday, so please save our spots.

The Decker Family, 9/21/14

Hi ,

We are soooooo happy with Coach Ahkita!!! The kids were so focused and listened and we had a great first soccer class....we are so pleased. Thank you:)

--Sharon, 9/20/14

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that my son really enjoyed his soccer session, and that the coaches were just wonderful! My son was in the 4-6 age group, at Falls Road park in Maryland. His main coach was so encouraging and really got the kids moving. A few times when the 3's and 4--6 year old classes were small, the coaches joined the classes and both coaches together made it extra fun for the kids. I could really see improvement in the skills they learned over the course of the session. Thank you for organizing such a rewarding soccer program for kids at all levels!

Happy holidays!

Janelle, 11/24/14

Being the BEST !

The most important part of Kids Pro Soccer being the best is to have the best coaches. Our Staff are proud to be a part of soccer history such as World Cup, First Division in Europe and DC United Soccer programs.

Our Staff are trained specifically for working with the youngest, and at the same time, with the toughest players :)! Our Staff is consistent, and that makes our program very special--your child can have a coach that she or he likes for many seasons. Most of our Coaching Team has been with us for as long as ten years, and new, equally wonderful staff are selected very carefully and need to meet a vast range of Kids Pro Soccer standards and expectations.

The difference between how we run the program and majority of others is quite significant, and that has been a secret of our popularity any the reason that many parents simply come back after trying others.

The wonderful quality of our program also reflects in the school based programs that we run at excellent public/charter, and in very prestigious private schools in the area.

Our program is non-competitive in nature, but no worries, there is enough excitement on the field! We focus on individual skills, development, and on teamwork in a fun, creative environment. What can be better than this? Playing with your friends and meeting new families! We give you the opportunity to have your own class at the day/time/locations of your choice. It is more than a playdate every time soccer practice is on!


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